How To Add Your CliftonStrengths® Results

Learn how to leverage your top 5 strengths by adding your results from Gallup®'s CliftonStrengths® to your Cloverleaf profile.

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Now that you know the background on CliftonStrengths® and have completed your assessment on Gallup®, you can easily add your results to your Cloverleaf profile. Here is how:

Sign In to your account and go to My Assessments using the sidebar navigation.

In the CliftonStrengths® box, click “I KNOW MY STRENGTHS". 

​From each dropdown, select your strengths in order of 1-5, as your report shows you.

Once you’ve entered your top 5 strengths, click “SAVE.” 

Interact with your results on My Assessments and start learning more about your strengths right away!

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