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Create your First Team
Create your First Team

Creating your first team is easy! This is the true magic of Cloverleaf -- follow along to get started and better understand your team.

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You've been on many teams in your life. Whether it's your team at work or your team at home, you've likely been working with people all your life. But have you truly understood them? There's so much more to collaborating effectively outside of splitting up the work and just getting things done. Diving deeper into how you communicate, how you problem-solve, and how you can build each other up can help your team truly thrive.

Creating a Team is the best way to visualize the cross-mapping of your team member's personalities, skills, strengths, and culture. Each Team gets its own visualization dashboard. Here is how to create a new team from your TEAM Dashboard:

  1. Sign in to your account

  2. Select the TEAM tab at the top of the page.

  3. A team creation page will appear where you can choose a team name and if your organization utilizes the 'groups' feature you will be prompted to select which group this team belongs under.

4. Once you've set a team name you can start inviting people in. On this screen, you will see the option to create/copy an invite link which will allow anyone with the link to sign up and join your team or you can add individual members. When inviting members you will be able to search and select anyone who already has an account in your organization or you can enter an email address to invite someone to sign up.

*note: If you would like someone to be a member and an admin you should add them in both boxes. Adding someone as an admin-only will give that person admin permissions over the team but they themselves won't be included in the dashboard visualizations.

5. An email invite will be sent to members prompting them to accept and create an account, or if they already have one, be directed to the team dashboard.

6. Once everyone has accepted you will see all the team members on your TEAM Dashboard.

You're now ready to get started and get the most out of Cloverleaf. Your team dashboard is filled with plenty of insights for you to build a better team, but feel free to check out our Product Guide for best practices or our blog to what else Cloverleaf is up to.

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