You've been on many teams in your life. Whether it's your team at work or your team at home, you've likely been working with people all your life. But have you truly understood them? There's so much more to collaborating effectively outside of splitting up the work and just getting things done. Diving deeper into how you communicate, how you problem solve, and how you can build each other up can help your team truly thrive.

Creating a team on Cloverleaf is the best way to visualize the cross-mapping of your team member's personality, skills, strengths, and culture.  Each team gets its own visualization dashboard, where you can see insights about your team and each member.

Here is how you can create your first team:

  1. Sign in to your account, and be sure "TEAM" is selected at the top of the page.

  2. You will be taken to the team creation page where you can start inputing emails to invite members to join your team.  An email invite will be sent to members prompting them to accept and create an account, or if they already have one, they'll be directed to the TEAM Dashboard.

  3. Once you have entered your teammates' emails you can choose a team name, then you can see your team.

4. Once everyone has accepted, you will see all the team members visualized on your TEAM Dashboard. While you wait, take some assessments and encourage your team to do the same! (Check out this article to learn more about our assessments!)

You're now ready to get started and get the most out of Cloverleaf. Your team dashboard is filled with plenty of insights for you to build a better team, but feel free to send us a message or check out our blog if you need any help!

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