Starting a new project with a new team? Still working with an old team? No need to add and drop members from an existing team, just create a new one! Create a new team to visualize your teammates on each team you're working with, and unleash the insights that lie within your TEAM Dashboard.

Creating a Team is the best way to visualize the cross-mapping of your team member's personality, skills, strengths, and culture.  Each Team gets its own visualization dashboard. Here is how to create a new team from your TEAM Dashboard:

  1. Sign in to your account and be sure "TEAM" is selected at the top of the page.

  2. You will be taken to your TEAM Dashboard --  in the top-right corner, click "+ NEW TEAM."

3. A team creation page will appear and you can choose a team name as well as decide what organization the team will be in.

4. Once you have set the name and settings you can start inputing emails to invite members to join your team and to add admins.

5. An email invite will be sent to members prompting them to accept and create an account, or if they already have one, be directed to the team dashboard.

6. Once everyone has accepted you will see all the team members on your TEAM Dashboard.

You should have everything you need to get going with your new team, but message us for more information!

To create a team from the ADMIN Dashboard, click here.

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