Adding additional emails allows people to invite you to teams via any email address on your account, and also allows them to see insights when integrated with Slack and Calendar. 

1. Sign In to your account and click your avatar in the the top right corner of the page.

2. Once selected, 3 options will appear. Click the first option labeled “SETTINGS” to open your personal account settings sidebar.

3. In the "ADDITIONAL EMAILS" field, type the email address you wish to add and then hit "enter" on your keyboard.

4. You can add more than one email if you would like. Once you have entered in the desired email addresses hit the green "SAVE" button.

5. Any address that you add will then receive an email asking you to "Confirm Email." This is the final step to linking another email account to your profile

Please note that your primary email is where you will receive all notifications, and is also the email you'll need to use to sign in.

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