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How To Update Your Email Address
How To Update Your Email Address

Want to update your email addresses for your Cloverleaf account? Follow these easy steps to do so.

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Having additional emails allows people to invite you to teams via any email address on your account, and also allows them to see insights when integrated with Slack and Calendar.ย 

1. Sign In to your account and click your avatar in the top right corner of the page.

2. Once selected, click the first option labeled โ€œAccount Settingsโ€ to open your personal account settings page.

3. Go to the "GENERAL" tab and scroll down to the "Associated emails" section.

4. Type the email address you wish to add, and then click "ADD"

5. Any address that you add will then receive an email asking you to "CONFIRM EMAIL". This is the final step to linking another email account to your profile. The email will look like this.

6. After you verify your account, you can set or change your primary email by clicking the star next to the desired primary email. You will not have this option until you have gone through the verification process described in Step 5.

Please note that your primary email is where you will receive all notifications, and is also the email you'll need to use to sign in. Secondary emails are associated with your account, so if someone:

  • invites you to a new team with your personal account, you can follow the invite link and it will recognize the existing account

  • includes you on a calendar event and your secondary email is set as the attendee, the calendar integration will recognize an account for that email and still send an insight

7. You can also delete an email address by clicking the trash can icon to the left of it. If you click that by accident, don't worry, it will ask "ARE YOU SURE?" before deleting it.

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