Adding Organization Admins

As an Organization ADMIN, you can easily give other people in your Org Admin capability with these steps.

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Making someone an Organization ADMIN will give them admin capability over all people, candidates, teams, and settings within your organization. Here is how to make someone an Organization ADMIN:

  • Sign in to your Cloverleaf account and go to your ADMIN Dashboard.

  • Click on the top level org or All People in Organization.

If you are adding a NEW user to Cloverleaf that you want to be an Org Admin- click the "Add Person" green button on the Admin Dashboard.

  • Enter the email of the person you want to add to Cloverleaf

  • Use the role dropdown to switch their invite to Organization Admin

  • Click Invite

To make an EXISTING user an Org Admin, find the user in your org (you search them by name/email) and click the drop-down arrow to open the menu under their name. Using the "Make Admin of.." drop-down, we can make the user an Org Admin.

In the "Make Admin of.." drop-down, search or select the name of your Org. Click this and it will automatically add them as an ORG Admin.

You can see that you successfully made someone an ORG admin as it will show in their drop-down. You will also see Member, Admin if they are an org admin.

You can remove admin access at any time by going to the user and using the "Remove as Organization Admin button" or clicking the "x" next to the Org they are an admin of.

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