*Important Note: Before the slack integration can be used, the Cloverleaf 'app' has to be installed into your Slack workspace by someone who is designated as an "owner" in your slack account. Learn how to do this here.

With a seemingly constant stream of Slack notifications, sometimes it can feel like a full time job just staying on top of messages. You're messaging your team all the time and realize there's got to be a better way to not only say what you have to say, but to say it in the best way possible with your team's personalities, work styles, and preferences in mind.

Start every conversation off right with Cloverleaf’s Slack Integration. From using communication insights to figure out how to best word your next message, to using work style insights to design the next to-do item for a teammate, there's plenty of insights right at your fingertips within Slack with Cloverleaf's integration.

Once you connect Cloverleaf with your Slack Workspace, you'll be able to see valuable and relevant insights about your team right there in your Slack channel. Below is a step by step of how to integrate your Slack account and start bringing intentionality to your online communication.

  1. Sign in to your Cloverleaf account and click your avatar (either a picture of yourself or your initials) in the the top right corner of the page.
  2. Once selected, 3 options will appear. Click the first option labeled “SETTINGS” to open your personal account settings sidebar.

3. Scroll down to "CONNECTION SETTINGS" and click the Slack "CONNECT" button to sign in to whichever Slack workspace you would like to connect.

Once connected you can type a number of different commands in Slack to get insights on whoever you are communicating with.

Type in “/cloverleaf” in the message box. Hit enter to see a list of various commands and insight categories you can ask Slack to show you.

To get general insights on a team member type “/cloverleaf @(teammate name)” and then hit enter and a general insight will appear.

To get an insight in a specific category, for example communication style, type “/cloverleaf @(teammate name) communication” and an insight about how that person communicates will appear.

Congrats! Now you're ready to learn so much more about your team than you ever thought possible, all within Slack.

PS: Don't worry about where in Slack you use "/cloverleaf" command. All of this is only ever visible to you and you only. 

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