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How To Edit Dashboard Visualization

This guide will walk you through how to adjust what is visible on your dashboards!

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If you ever want to turn on or off visibility for anything on My Dashboard or My Assessments, you can do so in your Account Settings

Some assessments can be hidden by default when you join Cloverleaf (depending on your organization's settings)- going to this page allows you to change those to visible.

  1. Sign in to your account and click your avatar in the top right corner of the page. (This will be a grey circle with your initials in it or a photo of yourself).

  2. Once selected, click the first option labeled “Account Settings” to open your personal account settings sidebar.

  3. Under the "DASHBOARD" tab you will see switches to turn on or off the various features and assessments on My Dashboard and My Assessments pages. 

Anything with a lock symbol and "on" has been set to required by your organization. If it is hidden or "off" and locked, that means that the assessment is not available for you to take!

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