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How to Send Assessment Reminders to Teammates (TEAM Admin)
How to Send Assessment Reminders to Teammates (TEAM Admin)

As a Team ADMIN, you can easily send reminders to anyone on your team that still needs to complete an assessment.

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Sometimes we forget, or we're swamped and something flies under the radar. However, it's not too late for your team to complete assessments, and you can help them do just that! Send a reminder to your teammates to complete their assessments so as a team you can get the most out of Cloverleaf! More assessments taken by more teammates means better insights for everyone.

If your team dashboard is showing that there are "INCOMPLETE" sections, you can email teammates directly from the Team Dashboard with your Admin access. Here's how: 

1. Sign in to your account and click "TEAM" at the top of the page. 

2. By scrolling through the dashboard, you may notice that some of the assessment boxes are marked, in their top right corner, with an orange "INCOMPLETE" button.

3. By hovering over the "INCOMPLETE", you will see that "Not everyone on the team has completed the required assessment(s)."

4. To see who has not yet completed the assessments, click on the "INCOMPLETE". 

5. To email these people, click on "SEND EMAIL REMINDER". You'll see a green confirmation bar at the top of your screen.

This will automatically send an email to anyone who has yet to complete that specific assessment. Here is an example of the email that they will receive that will redirect them back to Cloverleaf to complete the assessment:

Now you can look forward to seeing your teammates' results and using your collective insights to build a better team! 

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