The StrengthsFinder assessment was developed by the Gallup organization and is based on 2 million interviews which derived 34 different patterns or themes that are consistent and prevalent themes of human talent or strengths. 

After taking the assessment, individuals are assigned their top 5 strengths. These strengths fall into one of four categories or domains. These domains describe how people and teams use their talents to work with information, make things happen, influence others and build relationships. 

Four Domains

Executing - People with dominant executing themes know how to make things happen. How do you make things happen? 

Influencing - People with dominant influencing themes know how to take charge, speak up, and make sure the team is heard. How do you influence others? 

Relationship Building - People with dominant relationship building themes have the ability to build strong relationships that can hold a team together and make the team
greater than the sum of its parts. How do you build and nurture strong relationships? 

Strategic Thinking - People with dominant strategic thinking themes help teams consider what could be. They absorb and analyze information that can inform better
decisions. How do you absorb, think about, and analyze information and situations? 

Check out this product guide for more on how to use StrengthsFinder at work.

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