Perhaps you’re someone who always keeps things neat, and you love seeing everything on your calendar clearly organized. Or perhaps you're more of the type that stumbles through their calendar, just hoping they end up in the right room at the right time with the right people. Either way, once you’re in that room, sometimes you notice a clear difference in thinking styles, work styles, and personalities among your teammates. You’re familiar with your Cloverleaf Team Dashboard and have looked through your teammates’ profiles, though it’s hard to remember everything about everyone all the time. If only you had a quick insight about your teammates before your meetings so you could better prepare to work with them...

Introducing: ✨Cloverleaf’s Calendar Integration✨

This calendar integration feature works to bring insights about your teammates directly into your calendar. Whichever calendar you use, Google or Microsoft, it’s visualized on your Me Dashboard alongside insights about everyone you’re meeting with that day. Now, it’s easy to start every meeting off on the right foot with quick tips on how to best collaborate with your team. 

Using the Calendar Integration feature, you'll be able to stay up-to-date with the day's meetings, and it'll also prepare you to meet with someone before you do. Here's how it works:

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