If you’re like me and baseball has never been your thing, have no fear. If baseball is your thing, I support and applaud you. Either way, your athletic interests won’t stop you from being able to use Cloverleaf’s Baseball Card on the Team Dashboard. 

Our Baseball Card exists because we know that you can’t know everything all the time all at once (or at least we can’t -- if you can please teach us your ways). So for the rest of us, we’ve made it easy to see a snapshot of your teammates individually right on the Team Dashboard. 

  1. Starting on the TEAM Dashboard, find an assessment box that has the avatar of the team member you are looking to learn more about.  For this example, let's pick Dwight. When you click on the avatar, the Baseball Card pops up! 

2. On the first page, you'll see their assessment results. You can choose which assessment you are seeing results for by clicking the green up-down arrows.

3. Click the empty green circle at the bottom of the card to see the next page on the card. This page shows a high-level insight of the team member.  You can choose which category of insights to view by clicking the first green up-down arrow.  You can also view Top Skills (if they have any entered) and Developing Skills by clicking the second green up-down arrow.

4. To view their dashboard, click View Profile. Here, you can see their Me Dashboard!

Now that you’re a Baseball Card expert, go off into the world and impress your colleagues with your newfound knowledge. You still might not be a baseball expert, but at least you can better visualize your team’s strengths with Cloverleaf! 😊

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