Creating a profile is easy. Enter your email, click some buttons, done. However, truly understanding the ins and outs of all of the options available and how you can create a profile that meets your needs takes a bit more work. But have no fear -- it's not too difficult. 

Whether you're looking to add another email to your account, change your password, or upload an avatar photo, we've got you. Need to edit some personal information like your job title or company? No problem. 

If you need to manage a personal subscription, check out our article to learn how.

Too many assessments on your dashboards? Want to focus on just a few? Check out our article on how to edit your dashboard visualization. 

If none of these solve the problems you're facing with your profile, let us know in the chat bubble in the bottom right corner.

We wish you all the best in your Cloverleaf journey. May you unleash the power within you and your team to do some great things today.  🙌

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