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Creating a New Group

This article describes how to create a new group from your ADMIN dashboard.

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Groups are helpful to manage the structure of your organization on Cloverleaf.

Groups are a great way to give leaders access to the teams and people they oversee whether it be for branches, regions, departments, roles or client groups. You can organize people and teams into groups, and then set administrative authority over those groups. An administrator of a group can see all the people and teams in their group, and in the groups within their group, but cannot see the groups that are not nested within their own.

Navigate to the Admin Dashboard by clicking your profile icon in the top right > Admin Settings.

If you would like to create a group under the top-level organization simply select the "Add Group" button at the top of the page.

You will then be prompted to name your group.  

After you have named your group, select save and the group will show up in the group list on the left-hand side.

Once your group is created you can select it in the left-hand navigation to invite and manage members, assign admins, or add a team inside the group. Now that you have your structure created, your teams and groups can start seeing insights about the team.

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