We have groups! Now what are they? Groups are the new way to organize users within Cloverleaf. You can create groups and subgroups and add teams into these groups! But what is so great about it is that you can change settings and manage each group individually or as a whole. 

Before, everyone that was in your coaching organization was in one section. If you wanted to make certain assessments available for certain people, you couldn't. Groups makes it so that you can organize people in any way you want and manage them easier. So now you have more control and more freedom within your clientele. 

Now, you can have a separate group for each of your clients. You can manage each individually and also have your own group for your internal team.

Each of your client groups also has the capability of adding groups within and adding teams. 

If you need help managing a group, creating a new group, or inviting users you can use our other help pages here. We hope you enjoy groups!

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