Groups are here! We made groups so that enterprise admins can have more control on Cloverleaf and to add organization. Now, instead of all of your people being in one place, you can create groups, subgroups, and also teams. Now there are so many ways to organize. 

So how does this work? When you sign up for Cloverleaf Enterprise your company will get set up as an "organization" in Cloverleaf. This "organization" acts as the parent group over all the groups and teams that you add. 

In this example, Dunder Mifflin Paper is the parent organization. It is then split into three subgroups for the different offices. Inside those groups are more subgroups as well as the actual teams that make up the organizaiton. 

In the picture below you can see that there are 3 teams in the "Scranton Warehouse" group, which falls underneath the "Scranton Office" group which has its own list of teams.

Here are some direct links showing you how to add users to groups, make new groups, and manage group settings. If you ever have questions or need further assistance you can chat us or send an email to

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