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Setting up a Coaching Leads Link and Custom Task
Setting up a Coaching Leads Link and Custom Task

This article covers setting up a leads link and custom tasks.

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Leads is a feature only available in our Basic, Pro, and Premium Coaching Plans

For users in Growth, Performance, and Executive Coaching plans, use this guide for setting up Leads.

With our Coaching Leads process, coaches have a new way to advertise their services. You can now create a link for a free assessment and the accounts will be created as a lead under your coaching organization. This allows you to reach out to possible clients and already have them integrated with Cloverleaf.

Creating a Link

  1. Go to your Coaching Admin Dashboard and click "Leads" from the navigation on the left of the dashboard.

  2. Press the green "Add New Link" button from the middle of the screen.

  3. Create a Link Name: This is how you can differentiate where a lead comes from. If
       you attend a conference, you can distribute a link for the conference. This way,  
       you have more context about who a lead is and what they are looking for before  
       reaching out.
  4. Customize your URL. Leads will see this URL, it will be what they click on to get to  
       the assessment.
  5.  Choose your Primary Assessment

The Primary Assessment is what the lead will be automatically taken to after clicking on the link and creating an account. This is the assessment that you will likely advertise for when you say "Take a free ____ assessment!". Choose the assessment that will be most appealing to the clients you are looking for.

  6. Configure what other assessments you would like available to the leads by switching the toggle features on and off. 

Cloverleaf Tip: We suggest only making one or two assessments available. This will help streamline your lead to any custom tasks you make, like making an appointment or filling out a survey. Making all of the assessments available might distract from the really important part of all of this, meeting new clients.

Creating Custom Tasks

Custom Tasks are where you can connect with leads. This is the most important step! It's where a person who took a random assessment becomes a client. A custom task allows you to encourage leads to take the next step towards becoming a client. You can have them schedule a call, fill out a form, or whatever will help you connect with them. When you click the Continue button after you create the Lead Link, you can create the custom task you want the Lead to complete.

  1. Create a new task and title it. The title will be visible underneath the circle task icon on the notification screen. We suggest making it short and clear. You could use, "Schedule a Call" or "Take Survey"

  2. Add your custom URL link. This can link wherever you would like. It can be your calendar, your scheduling link, or even a type form survey. All type form links will show up right in the Cloverleaf app which will make for a seamless experience for the lead.

  3. Select an icon that makes sense for the task and click "Create" at the bottom of the page.

Your new task will appear now on the notification screen and connecting with possible clients will begin. Let's do this!

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