Connecting with others around you can be so difficult. Even when it's your family and you have known them your entire life or your group of best friends from childhood. We all have different ways we communicate, work and are motivated and Cloverleaf is an easy way to learn about yourself and others. If you're wanting to connect more with those around you at home, school, or anywhere you find yourself with people, a personal team will help you.

You might know us from your company signing you up for Cloverleaf and have only experienced it in a work. Or you might have your own personal account and never seen team dashboard. Wherever you're at, we believe that personal teams for your family, a school group, the PTO, and anything else will bring connection and understanding. Read about change that has happened for real people through our personal teams here. People are complex but teams have so much to offer when they really understand each other.

How to Create a Personal Team

  1. To get all the benefits of a Personal Team you can sign up for the Small Teams plan and see all the available features and benefits HERE.

  2. Sign in to your account, and make sure "TEAM" is selected at the top of the page. If you are also in an organization, make sure the personal view is toggled from the left hand corner of the dashboard. You will click back and forth to see your organization and your personal teams.

2. You will be taken to the team creation page where you can start inputing emails to invite members to join your team.  An email invite will be sent to members prompting them to accept and create an account, or if they already have one, they'll be directed to the TEAM Dashboard.

3. Once you have entered your teammates' emails you can choose a team name, then you can see your team.

4. Once everyone has accepted, you will see all the team members visualized on your TEAM Dashboard. While you wait, take some assessments and encourage your team to do the same! (Check out this article to learn more about our assessments!)

You're now ready to get started and get the most out of Cloverleaf. Your team dashboard is filled with plenty of insights for you to learn about your family or whatever you're using a team for but feel free to send us a message or check out our blog if you need any help!

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