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Adding and Removing Your Cloverleaf Slack Bot
Adding and Removing Your Cloverleaf Slack Bot
How to add, uninstall, and change the channel the Slack bot is in.
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If you haven't installed the Slack bot or are interested in it, you can check out our help page on it here. Once you've installed it, you can follow these steps to get started.

Adding and removing the Slack bot

You can add the the Cloverleaf Slack bot by viewing you apps from the side navigation. Add it to a channel using the drop down from the welcome message. You can add it to as many channels as you want.

To remove the Slack bot from a channel, view the settings of the channel it is in. Press the three dots at the top right hand of the settings and press "View Installed Apps." There you will see the Cloverleaf Slack bot and you can press "Remove." This will remove the Slack bot from just that channel, not the entire workspace. Anyone is able to remove it from a channel.

Uninstalling the Slack bot

To uninstall the Cloverleaf Slack bot from the entire workspace, visit the Cloverleaf page on the Slack App directory, click settings from the middle section, scroll to the bottom and click "remove app."

Learn about other Cloverleaf integrations here.

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