Start on your ADMIN Dashboard, open "Organization Settings" and then "Organization Roles". Once there, you will see this screen. You can create a role by clicking "Add New Role". After adding new roles, go into "All People in Organization", and match the roles to the employees. You can do the same for candidates both when they are already invited, and when you first invite them. On this page, you can see the number of users and candidates in each role.

Now click on the role! To edit the title of it, just click the pen and paper icon next to the role title. If you no longer need this role, click "Delete Role". Did you click it by accident? Don't worry, it will ask you if you're sure before it deletes! Click "Create Role Alignment" if you want to add a role alignment for what is and isn't important in this role. If there is already a role alignment for the role, just choose it from the list.

If you want to see what the role alignment looks like for that role, go to the "Review Candidates" or "All Candidates" pages to view the candidates, or "All People in Organization" to see the employees that have the role alignment for that role. Here is what it looks like!

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