Q: What is the Cloverleaf origin story?

A: Cofounders Kirsten Moorefield and Darrin Murriner saw first-hand the impact of putting the right people together and giving them the tools and insights to be successful when they worked together at a digital video agency. Successful teams delivered better client outcomes that led to recurring work and long-term client relationships. As a result, they started building a technology platform to bring this same experience to every team.

Q: Why did you start Cloverleaf?

A: To bring transparency and science to the art of forming high performing teams and driving behavior change in a way that improves team and individual performance.

Q: What assessments does Cloverleaf support?

A: Cloverleaf includes multiple assessments in four categories. In the Behavior category Cloverleaf includes Enneagram, DISC and 16 Types. In the Strengths category Cloverleaf includes StrengthsFinder and VIA (Values in Action) Strengths. In the Culture / Values category Cloverleaf supports Motivating Values, Culture Pulse, and Instinctive Drives. Finally, in the Productivity category Cloverleaf supports Energy Rhythm.

Q: Are Cloverleaf’s assessments validated?

A: Cloverleaf works directly with third-party assessment providers that provide reliability and validation studies. You can request more information about specific assessments and their related validation results at our contact form.

Q: What makes Cloverleaf different from the various other ‘assessment’ companies/providers out there?

A: Cloverleaf goes beyond basic personality typing by driving behavior change through personalized coaching content delivered through integrations with Google for Business (Gmail & Google Calendar), Microsoft 365 (including MS Teams), and Slack. We are the “now what” to take your assessment results to the next level.

Q: Who is Cloverleaf for?

A: Cloverleaf can be used by anyone and is valuable to everyone. We have plans for individuals, managers, enterprise leaders, and coaches. For an individual, Cloverleaf can help you become more self-aware, and gain a deeper understanding of the how and why behind your behaviors. For managers of teams, and on a larger scale, enterprise leaders, we come alongside your leaders with custom coaching to help with everyday management conversations to improve one-on-ones and performance conversations. Cloverleaf can help you visualize your team on a dashboard and realize its true potential. It will also help manage and coach your people, as well as making decisions of where to place your people to make the most effective teams possible. For coaches, Cloverleaf can help your business increase revenue and gain a deeper understanding of your clients through assessment data and ongoing coaching insights.

Q: Why am I getting emails from Cloverleaf?

A: You are receiving emails because you’ve created a profile to take an assessment and get your results. We periodically send out informational emails to help you better understand yourself and the people around you!

Q: Where do the insights/coaching tips come from?

A: The coaching tips are aggregated from the different assessments you have completed in your ME Dashboard.

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