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Coach FAQ Page
Coach FAQ Page

Learn more about certifications, platform language, revenue, integrations, and assessments.

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Q: Do you offer certifications for assessments?

Yes, we do. We offer self-paced and digital certification for DISC and Enneagram. We offer one-on-one certifications through our assessment partners for 16 Types, VIA Strengths, and Motivating Values.

Q: Do you need to be certified in the assessments in order to use them with your clients or in your organization?

A: No, being certified in the assessments is not a requirement for their usage. We’ve developed tools and content around the assessments that make them easy to deploy and consume. Insights on the results generated in Cloverleaf are actionable, timely, and simple to understand.

Q: What languages does Cloverleaf natively support?

A: Currently the interface, assessments & content in the platform are available in English and Spanish. Translations into other languages is a key part of Cloverleaf’s growth strategy as more international deployments of the technology are being rolled out to our enterprise clients. Project or client-specific requirements around language availability can be addressed & scoped with the Cloverleaf team and the translation service partners they have cultivated (or alongside a translation services company of your choice).

Q: How can I generate revenue using Cloverleaf?

A: Great question! Cloverleaf can be a phenomenal value add to any type of client engagement and should be factored into your pricing model (don’t worry, we will help you do this!). In addition, all coach clients can earn a commission if/when a client expands their use of Cloverleaf in such a way that they require their own account.

Q: Does Cloverleaf integrate with other communication and productivity tools?

A: Cloverleaf will send ongoing coaching tips about you and your team members to your email. Cloverleaf also has a calendar integration with Gmail and Microsoft Outlook. Your Cloverleaf account will show insights from the people you are meeting with, as long as they have a Cloverleaf account. You will also receive email digests on this calendar and the insights for everyone you are meeting with that day (if they have an account). Cloverleaf is also integrated with Slack and MS Teams, so that your team can receive personalized notifications and prompts to encourage fun discussions. Read more about all Cloverleaf integrations here.

Q: Is there a separate cost for each assessment in the platform or are all the assessments included?

A: The majority of our assessments in the platform are included in the subscription cost. The exceptions are CliftonStrengths® and Strengthscope®. CliftonStrengths® is a small one-time fee to complete. Strengthscope® is one of our premium assessments offered on Enterprise plans.

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