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This article teaches more about how Strengthscope® can help your team thrive and lean into each individuals' unique strengths.

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Strengthscope®'s mission is to reveal the unique strengths of people across the world, enabling you to bring your most authentic and inspired selves to work and to life, every day. The StrengthscopeTeam™ report provides teams with clarity on their areas of energy and strength, where they may be able to achieve high performance with ease, as well as risk areas such as drainers and strengths in overdrive.

Strengthscope® defines strengths as underlying qualities that energize you and that you are great at or have the potential to become great at. Underpinned by over 15 years of research and validation, StrengthscopeTeam™ helps a team to perform at their best every day and to reduce performance risks – all by managing the energy that already exists inside of the team.

What’s included in the report?

  • A team’s clear strengths – those areas where the team may be able to achieve sustained high performance with the least effort

  • How to optimize these strengths for exceptional results

  • How those strengths may become counter-productive when under pressure or if not used well and what to do about such ‘strength in overdrive’ risks

  • Which strength areas to watch out for that may be draining for the team to use and how to mitigate these risks.

The wheel shows the distribution of all 24 strengths in terms of the number of team members reporting each strength in their 'Significant 7'. Strengths are highlighted by the use of colored bars:

  • Purple bars appear when more than 40% of team members report a particular strength as one of their 'Significant 7' – these clear strengths represent the areas of greatest energy and potentially highest performance for the team. They can also represent risks if they tip into ‘overdrive’.

  • Blue bars appear when between 11 - 40% of team members report a particular strength as one of their 'Significant 7' – these areas provide the team with sufficient energy to get the job done effectively when managed well.

  • Grey bars appear when between 1 - 10% of team members report a particular strength as one of their 'Significant 7'. No bar is shown when no one reports a particular strength as one of their 'Significant 7' – these 'energy drainers' are less energizing for the team and need to be monitored to ensure that they do not disrupt performance.

Higher bars represent those strengths that are more natural and energizing for the team, whilst the lower bars represent non-strength areas or 'energy drainers' that will provide less energy and enjoyment for the team in their work.

Why is Strengthscope® unique from other self-assessments?

· Unlike other traditional personality, values or behavioral assessments, StrengthscopeTeam™ is measuring what gives you energy

· StrengthscopeTeam™’s simple, universal language enables quick interpretation and habit formation to bring the strengths approach to life every day

· Strengthscope® is the only strengths profile to have acquired registered test status with the British Psychological Society, meaning that it’s the most valid and reliable strengths profiling tool in the world today.

How is this report most often used?

The StrengthscopeTeam™ report is used with teams in the following team contexts and more:

  • New team – to help the team understand how best to utilize the strengths of each team member from the outset

  • Growing team – to ensure that new strengths brought by joiners are deployed quickly and effectively for the benefit of the team

  • Conflicting team – to highlight risk areas which may be disrupting team performance and give guidance on reducing these

  • High performance team – to show the team where existing strengths can be stretched to maintain and enhance performance.

In each case, StrengthscopeTeam™ can provide support to help get the very best from the team to maximize its strengths and minimize its risk areas.

Some of the results you can expect from the Strengths approach:

***Click here to take the Strengthscope® assessment on your ME Dashboard. Note that this assessment has to be turned on for your organization to have access to it.

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