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Connecting your Strengthscope® Account
Connecting your Strengthscope® Account

Whether you take the Strengthscope® assessment on Strengthscope® or Cloverleaf, connect your accounts to get the most out of the assessment.

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When you get to the Strengthscope® assessment box on your ME Dashboard, you will see two options, to TAKE ASSESSMENT (continue with method 1) or I'VE TAKEN THIS ALREADY (continue with method 2).


After you click "TAKE ASSESSMENT", you will be brought to the instructions page of Strengthscope®. From here, follow the prompts and complete the assessment.

Afterwards, your results will be displayed on your ME Dashboard. The whole assessment box is clickable, so interact with it to learn more about your Significant 7.

To get the most out of the Strengthscope® assessment, connect your Cloverleaf Strengthscope® results with a Strengthscope® account. Do this by clicking "VIDEO COURSES".

Follow the prompt to go to the Strengthscope® website.

Your Significant 7 will be automatically generated into an account on Strengthscope®. Here, you can find more information to learn how to best put your Significant 7 into practice. To create a password for your Strengthscope® account so that you can return at another time, click your name in the top right corner.


Fill in your password and other details to complete the creation of your account. Make sure to scroll down and click "SAVE"!


If you have already taken Strengthscope® on the Strengthscope® website, click "I'VE TAKEN THIS ALREADY". Follow the prompt to go to Strengthscope®.

Log in to your Strengthscope® account using the credentials you used to create it.

You will automatically be brought back to your ME dashboard, and your scores will be generated into your Strengthscope® assessment box. Click away!

Learn more about Strengthscope® on Cloverleaf here.

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