How To Delete Your Cloverleaf Account
Need to delete your account from Cloverleaf? You can do this right from your account settings.
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If you need to delete your Cloverleaf account for any reason you can do this in your Cloverleaf account settings. Here is how:

1. Sign In to your account and click your avatar (this is either a picture of yourself or your initials) in the top right corner of the page.

2. Once selected, 3 options will appear. Click the first option labeled β€œMy Account” to open your personal account settings sidebar.

3. In the top right of your account settings select the "..." drop-down menu then select "Delete Account"

4. A confirmation message will appear ensuring you want to continue.

As shown in the image above, once you confirm to delete your account it will be completely deleted and any assessment data permanently removed. You will not be able to recover the account, though you will always be able to create a new free account in the future.

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