2 Quick Ways To Send Invites
Here are two quick and easy ways to send invites and begin to view insights on people not in your team or organization.
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1. Through Your Directory

On your Me Dashboard, navigate to your directory on the right

Type your team member's name into the search bar

If your team members name doesn’t come up, click on ‘Invite Now’ to open the Organizational Invite search bar

Type in their email address and you can send the invite.

2. Through your calendar insights section

After syncing your Google or Microsoft calendar with Cloverleaf, you might notice you’re not getting insights on some of your team members.

You can click on ‘Invite’ for each team member or as a quicker option you can click on the email invite icon to send an invite to everyone not included in your calendar insights

Click invite and you're on your way to discovering new insights and coaching tips. Try these methods out and let us know if you need any help.

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