The Team Dashboard is an essential part of your Cloverleaf experience. The ‘My Teams’ tab helps you customize and enhance this experience as much as possible. You can find it in the top left corner of your Teams Dashboard. Clicking on it will take you to the MyTeams tab.

My Teams gives you the ability to:

  1. Set a default team

  2. Manage your teams

  3. View any of your team dashboards

  4. Search for teams

  5. Create and add new teams

Set A Default Team

To set a team as your default, click on the star icon beside its name.

When a team is set as your default, its dashboard will become your go to Team Dashboard and will be on display.

*Note: You can only have ONE team set as your default team.

Manage Your Teams

To manage your teams, click on the 3 dots to the right of the star icon

In instances where you are a Team Admin, clicking on the 3 dots will display the option to view the existing and pending team members, add and remove modules, your team preferences, and the option to leave or delete a team.

In instances where you are not a Team Admin, clicking on the 3 dots will only display the option to leave a team

View Any Teams Dashboard

To view a dashboard of any team you’re on, click on the team's name.

Search For Any Team By Name

To search for any team you're a part of, type its name into the search bar in the top left corner of the My Teams section

Create And Browse Existing Teams

To create a new team or look up every public team in your organization, click on the 'Add Team' button in the top right corner of the My Teams tab

Clicking on 'Browse Existing Teams' will take you to your Team Directory. To learn more about your Team Directory, click here.

To go to your Teams Dashboard and customize your experience with My Teams click here or on the button below

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