Manager & Team Leader Best Practices
This guide is great for coaches to share with their managers and team leaders for best practices around Cloverleaf!
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This guide is for leaders that want to learn how to better tap into their team’s unique needs. Maybe you lead a project or team and want to work better together with your team. It all starts with better understanding your own unique strengths/preferences as well as your teammates. Let’s get started!

Cloverleaf is an online platform that uses aggregated data of various assessments to give you daily coaching tips.

Cloverleaf is the company approved technology to enable you with more resources to help develop and coach your team. When you understand your personal preferences, this gives you language to coach others in an authentic way and actively listen to their working preferences.

The coaching insights can be found in two areas of the Cloverleaf Platform:

All of your personal assessment results will be displayed here in conjunction with your daily calendar insights, daily coaching tips, and company directory lookup.

The Team Dashboard gives you easy to understand visualizations of your teams’ assessment results, this interactive dashboard gives you the ability to better understand how your team is built, as well as the option to view individual profiles.

  • Relationship Map: Shows how diverse is your teams thinking style and ability to compare two team members by assessment.

  • Team Roles: This visualization gives you insights into your team’s natural abilities.

  • Baseball Card View: Individual look at a team members profile.


  • Learn valuable insights about people you are meeting that day with the calendar integration functionality.

  • Share a coaching tip during a 1:1 or start a conversation asking about a preferred work style.

  • Discover how your work styles may be similar or diverse by having an open conversation with a team member.

When we transform how we use aggregated assessment data, it positions us with the opportunity for personal growth, your team to thrive, to build inclusion and team interpersonal skills. Do you have team challenges to overcome or just want to ignite your team’s potential?


  • Identify your teams’ natural abilities and strengths to help fill gaps and best use your team. The team roles grid is a great resource for this!

  • Troubleshoot conflict on your team by understanding work preferences- look at your team members profile and coaching insights, or the thinking style comparison tool on the TEAM dashboard.

  • Have more effective 1:1 conversation by building interpersonal connections. Bring a coaching tip that resonated about your team member to your 1:1.

  • Build company and job specific skills to drive winning business results- look at your team members strengths and lean into them!

  • Understand that everyone is different, and lean into the ways to best manage each of your team members based on what you learn through insights.


Be wary of the temptation to “label”, categorize, or stereotype when looking at assessment results. Instead, make the goal deeper understanding and appreciation for uniqueness and differences in working styles.

When we embrace using technology to build individual and team capability, we build value creation for the company and unleash our people’s potential. It’s a win – win. Create your team on Cloverleaf (if you haven't already) to start seeing the impact it can have alongside your coach!

Cloverleaf has a lot to offer, so check out our blog or other articles about the TEAM Dashboard.

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