We’ve got a lot on the roadmap and are excited to share updates as we move throughout 2023!


Updates and Improvements:

  • We added 520 new coaching tips for StrengthsFinder and DISC

  • Released new DISC Team Dashboard content

    • Now, when you click into the module, you will see more insight into how to work together, motivations, and behavorial traits of teammates.

  • Updates to the Trial experience and onboarding:

    • Updated our coaching tip email design

    • Released a change to encourage trial users to invite others, and made updates to the current invite others experience in the trial flow

    • Provided input for intent to better support our users’ experience

    • Improved content to better explain the product experience

    • Made major improvements to the experience of taking first assessments

    • Improved the results experience after taking assessments

    • Improved integration in the trial experience with the non-organization account creation process

  • We added links to the “Find your team” experience when users are looking to create a new team

  • We made it easier for users in the Daily Coaching flow with no assessments to go take their first one!

  • Improved the user experience of the “Joinable Groups” join-group page

  • We added explanatory tooltips to navigation bar icons

  • Made updates to use consistent naming of the “16 Types” assessment

Technical Notes and Bug Fixes:

  • Ensured that only active invitations would display to admins in user lists

  • Fixed an issue that could interfere with candidate avatar display using new (more secure) image delivery

  • Fixed an issue that would prompt candidates with an incorrect call-to-action on certain assessment components

  • Removed Allbound integration (Resource Hub)

  • Upgrades to dependencies to continue to ensure secure performance

  • Fixed an issue with the “Learn More” that could occur when non-organization users finished the Enneagram assessment


Updates and Improvements:

  • We pushed out 500 new coaching tips for you to enjoy (we love new content!)

    • Tips specific to StrengthsFinder and DISC

    • Chipping away at some new tips for Motivating Values!

  • Upgraded our DISC assessment to an improved version that Dr. Dust (our Chief Research Officer) created.

  • Updated Cloverleaf servers to avoid vulnerabilities- yay for security!

  • Performance and other security improvements, including improved load times.

  • We improved some of our UI components on Energy Rhythm and Instinctive Drives assessments to improve our future support for accessibility (a11y).

  • We improved graphics on our DISC team component to help with overlapping results on the same team!

Technical Notes and Bug Fixes:

  • We fixed profile-sharing issues (component rebuild)

  • We fixed an issue where a coaching tip for a hidden team was displayed on non-hidden teams.

  • Issues where the profile comparison tool was resetting incorrectly was fixed.

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