Release Notes (2021)

See what we added to Cloverleaf in 2021!

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This is a high-level overview of the features and fixes added to Cloverleaf in 2021! To see what we have been up to recently- check out our current release notes!


Organization Accounts are now Discoverable

If your Company account is using authorized email domains to allow employees to create accounts automatically using a verified company email Cloverleaf will now identify anyone who creates an account outside your organization and help them get connected.

New and Improved DISC Reports

Our DISC Reports (downloadable from your ME Dashboard) just got a major update with new insights on how you are motivated, potential limitations, how you can lead or motivate others, and much much more. This help article will show how you can download your report.


Invite new members as Organization or Group Admins

As an Organization Admin, you can now invite new members as an Admin of the organization or a group so that when they accept the invite and create their account they will automatically have Admin permission at the given level. Learn more about adding/inviting Admins here.

New and improved 16 Types Reports

Our 16 Types Reports (downloadable from your ME Dashboard) just got a major update with new insights on how you show up to work, operate under stress, how to allow your strengths to flourish, and much much more. This help article will show how you can download your report.

Hundreds of new Coach Tips loaded for 16 Types and Strengthscope

In the last week over 300 new coach tips have been published. You will start seeing these tips on your ME dashboard and in your coaching tip emails! Check out your new tips on your Dashboard.

Invite people to your team using a Team Invite Link

You can now send people a unique team invite link to allow them to join your team(s)! Check out this help article to learn more.


Customize how often you receive coaching emails

This new setting will give users the ability to control how often they are getting coaching tips about themselves and teammates sent via email. You can now receive your coaching emails daily instead of just twice a week. Learn how to change your settings here.

JUNE 2021:

New Sign In Flow

Minor tweaks for users, major help for the organization of accounts and the back-end — example, you could now have one email for multiple accounts.

Resource Hub

Admins now get access to all the important information you need to serve your employees or coaching clients. The Resource Hub contains things like training materials, slide decks, help docs, and much more! You can find this but clicking on the ? on the top right corner.

MAY 2021:

Simplify … and SAVE your profile state!

Cloverleaf profiles are FULL of information … and sometimes we want to look at simplified views by collapsing some of the boxes. Now, when you collapse boxes in Cloverleaf they will STAY that way when you come back to your profile.

Updated Enneagram Visualization

The enneagram visualization is now more informational, more interactive and with a focus on triads.

New DISC Tips

Over 100 new DISC coaching tips have been released!

NEW 16 Types Box 🎉

Much more interactive with new configuration included cognitive function pairing.

APRIL 2021:

Resource Hub

Coaches can go directly from their Cloverleaf profile to all bound under the resource tab.

Team dashboard Upgrades

Switch teams, create teams, get to your team settings - all from icons on the Team Dashboard.

Public Profile Updates

Any assessments that have not been taken are collapsed on the right side of the interface for less confusion.

Coaching Tip Uploads - Improved!

We’re gearing up for a flood of additional coaching tips on the platform - new backend processes will allow for this!

Bugs & Tweaks

Squashed NINE bugs and made multiple data-driven tweaks for users - things you may not notice, but that we assure you make a difference : )

MARCH 2021:

Strengthscope for Teams

Strengthscope visualization and content is now available for TEAMS! Check it out on the Team dashboard for full functionality.

Public Profile Sharing

There is now a “share” button on the top of everyone’s public profile that creates a URL to share with the world!

Profile Page Layout Update

Small tweaks to profile pages for a better user experience, especially for mobile.


“Attributes” at the top of users’ profiles with specific descriptive words are about to go live.

Better Coaching Tip Insights

Users can now not only give a thumbs up or thumbs down on a coaching tip on the platform, but there is a space to write in a comment, as well. This will lead to better coaching tips!

Public Profiles

Public profiles are live! With the privacy setting set to “Everyone” - anyone with a Cloverleaf account can view a Public profile.

Daily Coaching Tip Upgrade

Daily Coaching Tips are now paginated and allow for continuous insights instead of just a few tips at a time.

Thinking Style Comparison

“Comparisons” are now available on individual profiles to pull anyone in the “Thinking Style Comparison” box instead of someone only within the same team.



Directories are now live! Search for anyone within your organization to get to their profile.

Privacy Settings

Users can now determine what levels of their organization can see their profile.

Fully Secure

We have officially passed our third party penetration test and have the go-ahead that we are fully secure!


We now are able to support Spanish on the majority of the platform - and have laid the framework for supporting other languages in the future.

Whitelist Domain Settings

Organizations will now get to require only domain-specific emails to the org’s Cloverleaf account.

Security Confirmed

Cloverleaf passed a third party penetration test.


Dashboard Updates

We now have an updated design on our dashboard!

GDPR Updates

Users can now opt out of cookies on our marketing site.

ID Scores

ID scores can now manually be changed in app.

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