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D: Producer

Forceful, direct, a strong individualist. Forward-looking, progressive, competitive to attain goals. Innately restless, seeks new horizons. Comfortable bypassing convention. Desires freedom from control, supervision, and details, prefers an ever-changing environment. Pursues challenge, power and authority, prestige and position.

DI: Motivator

Takes a creative idea, makes it serve a practical purpose. Direct approach, convinces through persuasion. Aggressive, confident, goal-minded, harnesses other's strengths to help obtain goals. Plans ahead, versatile, eager self-starter, competitive. Has little time for detail, and is often impatient. Desires prestige. Strives for independence and wide scope of operations.

DS: Idealist

Objective, analytical, ""anchor of reality."" Calm, steady, persevering, successful at many things due to dogged determination. Independent, questioning in approach, thorough and persistent. Wants freedom from close supervision, prefers work of a technical nature. Not naturally focused on people or emotions, may seem blunt.

DC: Implementor

Sensitive, quick reacting, has creative ability. Investigator of facts, pursues all possible solutions, perfectionist. Brings foresight to projects. Indecisive, works in spurts, challenged to maintain sustained, positive action. Prefers solitary work in a technical realm, with ample time and opportunity to assure perfection.

I: Promoter

Outgoing, optimistic, gregarious, develops friends easily. Strong self-control and rarely provokes others. Extensive network, wide influence. May seek good relations at the expense of accomplishing results. May optimistically leap to a favorable conclusion without considering all facts. Seeks social recognition, thrives on praise.

IS: Advisor

Warm, sympathetic, understanding. Strong listening skills, doesn't force ideas on others. Stable, dependable teammate. May be overly tolerant and patient with non-producers and takes criticism of work personally. Loyal and may stay in relationships longer than is beneficial. Prefers offering service rather than demanding of others.

IC: Assessor

Caring and friendly attitude, focuses on tasks at hand. Perfectionistic, isolates to get the job done. Expresses thoughts and emotions. Artistic with individual expression, formulates a plan to create something tangible. Wants recognition of a job well done. Has a hard time disciplining, prefers to be the "good guy". Confident, competitive, extroverted, restless under pressure, fearful of losing or looking bad.

ID: Persuader

Strong interest in people, ability to gain the confidence of others. Does business in a friendly way, pushes objectives forward, sells point of view. Good coordinator, willing to delegate, poised, confident. May be inattentive to details, spontaneous, enthusiastic. Overly optimistic about results, seeks freedom from routine. Values public recognition, desires authority.

S: Specialist

Sensitive to other people's needs and feelings, respectful, considerate. Sees everyone's point of view. Calm, patient, easy-going, modest, enjoys people. Traditional, practical, maintains the status quo. Excellent planner, dependably follows tasks through to completion. Work in a steady, methodical way. Overly accommodating, avoids change.

SC: Technician

Patient, persistent, orderly, precise Likes challenging technical assignments with data to interpret and draw conclusions. Opinionated, prefers logic over emotion. Not focused on pleasing people, prefers to work alone. Can be perceived as blunt. Inflexible when change is necessary, prefers predictability, certainty and the familiar.

SD: Attainer
Has a strong sense of personal accountability, loyal, confident. Thrives with sense of direction, continually in pursuit of new accomplishments. Determination to work for a cause. Direct and results oriented while also caring and accommodating. Highly independent but also wants on a high performing team.

SI: Relator

Warm, sincere, empathic. Driven by a desire to like and be liked, concerned about letting people down. Likes calm environments, and relational harmony. Uncomfortable with rapid, unpredictable change, and conflict. Wants genuine praise for a job well done but won't seek out public recognition. Overlooks others' weaknesses, enjoys being cooperative, seen as a valuable team player, peacemaker.

C: Analyzer
Accepting of procedures, logical thinker, precise, valuing quality and accuracy. Enjoys reserved work atmosphere in a peaceful environment. Could be perceived as shy or withdrawn. Tends to be diplomatic, avoids conflict. Aggressive people and ambiguous situations may be uncomfortable. Prefers clearly defined performance expectations.

CD: Designer

Appears to care more about task completion than others' feelings. Blunt, and may assume others appreciate that. May come across as, cool and distant at times. Makes decisions based on facts, not on emotions. Sometimes gets bogged down, and may avoid delegating tasks. Enjoys a good challenge. Uses intellect, dedication to tasks, competitive nature.

CI: Supporter

Caring, friendly attitude, focused on accomplishing the tasks at hand. Perfectionistic in nature, isolates to get the job done. Expresses thoughts and emotions. Artistic and enjoys formulating a plan to create something tangible. Wants recognition when work is completed. Prefers to be the "good guy"; has an excellent grasp of the rules and how to apply them.

CS: Coordinator

Precise, systematic thinker and worker, follows procedures. Orderly, attentive to detail. Tactful, diplomatic, rarely provokes teammates. Conscientious, maintains standards, requires accuracy. May get bogged down in details or become dependent on procedures. Likes security of being part of a group, prefers to share responsibilities.

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