Introducing: Insight Search!

We are excited to share about our new feature on the My Dashboard- Insight Search!

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πŸŽ‰ We are excited to introduce Insight Search! πŸ”

Insight Search allows you to search through coaching tips for yourself and your teammates to find the Cloverleaf tips you want- when you need them! You can find Insight Search on My Dashboard and in your Daily Coaching Experience. When you first come on to My Dashboard, you will see the search box with some suggested prompts to try out.

Note: This feature is not available to users using the platform in languages other than English.

Search for tips on yourself by typing in a phrase or question.


Search for tips on your teammates using the "@" symbol. Click through the coaching tips and rate them as helpful or unhelpful!


Access your recent searches and full search history if there is something you want to go back to!


Note: Your searches are completely private (neither Cloverleaf nor your employers can access this information.)
In your Daily Coaching Experience, after viewing your Daily Coaching Tip and your Daily Team Coach Tip, you can use Insight Search on the browse tips page to search for tips on your teammate as you would from My Dashboard!

We are excited for you to start diving into this new experience!
​Got something to say? We're all ears! Just follow the feedback link at the bottom of the search drop-down. Our Product Feedback form can also be found on the Support Messenger homepage!


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