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This guide will walk you through the new My Assessments page!

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My Assessments is your landing page for all things assessments on Cloverleaf. This is where you can take any assessment you can access, dive into your results, download reports, retake your assessments, and more!

With our assessments, you'll likely learn something new about yourself. And paired with your teammates taking their assessments, there's plenty to learn about your teammates too. The more assessments an individual or team takes, the more insights you'll get! If you need a refresher on our different assessments, check out our Cloverleaf Assessment Guide!

Let's walk through My Assessments together!

Using your sidebar menu, you can navigate to My Assessments, just below My Dashboard. Here you can interact with each of your assessment modules, diving deeper into your results! Clicking sections within each module will expand out to share more details about your results.

Click the "..." menu to retake your assessment, edit your scores (if you want to override your results), share results, and download reports (if available).

Note: Downloaded reports are only available when the assessment is taken on Cloverleaf. Manually entering scores or editing scores will not generate a report outside of your results on the dashboard. Reports are available for DISC, 16 Types, and Enneagram.

You can manage your assessment visibility by navigating to your Account Settings and clicking on the tab Dashboards. Here you can toggle on and off which assessments you want to be visible on My Assessments.

Have fun exploring the My Assessments page!

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