Taking Assessments

New to Cloverleaf? This guide will walk you through taking an assessment!

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To take an assessment, you first will want to navigate over to My Assessments using the sidebar menu. This is your landing page for any assessments available to you on Cloverleaf!

Taking Assessments

If you haven't taken an assessment, you will see each assessment available with the "Take Assessment" button. Simply, click the button to start the assessment!

Some assessments allow you to enter your type if you have previously taken the assessment somewhere else. Use the "I Know My Type" button to input your scores. Any assessments that are required by your organization will have a banner noting it is required.

Note: Downloaded reports are only available when the assessment is taken on Cloverleaf. Manually entering scores will not generate a report outside of your results on the dashboard.

When you click Take Assessment, you will be brought out to a new page that will walk you through the assessment. Once you have completed it, you can navigate back to My Assessments and see your results!

Check out your Daily Coaching and try using Insight Search on My Dashboard once you have taken an assessment.

Connect your calendar to receive insights for upcoming meetings. Navigate to your Team Dashboard to see how you compare to your teammates!

From My Assessments, you can retake assessments, edit scores, and download reports. Head to this page anytime you want to dive deeper into your results.

Taking your assessments is just the first step for getting set up on Cloverleaf, unlocking your Coaching Insights and so much more!

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