Introducing: Tip Saving and Sharing!

You can now save and share your favorite tips right in Cloverleaf!

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Ever get a Coaching Tip on yourself or your teammates and wish that you had a way to save it for later? Find a tip on your teammate and think 'Wow! I have to share this with them!' Well, now you can do both πŸŽ‰ Cloverleaf now allows you to share and save your favorite Coaching Tips!

Head to Insight Search on My Dashboard or within your Daily Coaching Experience to save or share your tips about yourself or your teammates.

Saving and sharing tips gives you the ability to reference back to that tip that resonated with you, that new insight you learned about your teammate, or just those tips that were a favorite and felt too spot-on not to save or share.

Search through your saved tips to see ones on specific teammates, filter to just your own Coaching Tips or just Teammate Tips, and sort by newest or oldest.

Share your favorite tips with people by copying a link to that coaching tip!

Try sharing a tip with your teammates in Slack or MS Teams!

​Want to learn more about Saving and Sharing?

Check out the full guides below:
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