What is Reflections?

This guide will walk you through Reflections and how to utilize this with your Coaching Tips.

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Unleashing your Best Work with Reflections

Navigating the complexities of today’s workplace requires more than just skills – it demands a deep understanding of interpersonal dynamics and personal growth. And, while Cloverleaf offers an abundance of coaching tips, the challenge lies in internalizing and translating those tips into actionable insights. Reflections bridges this gap.

📝 Smart Personalized Prompts: Reflections offers smart, personalized entry prompts designed to help you translate your tips into real-world insights and actionable steps.

💡Capture Your Thoughts: Turn passive reading into an active journey. With Reflections you're engaging, processing, and documenting your journey, ensuring that each tip becomes a stepping stone towards your growth.

🔍 Saved and Private: What happens in Reflections, stays in Reflections. Your reflections are completely private and automatically saved to the Reflections page.

When you navigate to My Dashboard, you can interact with Reflections either in Insight Search or as part of your Daily Coaching Experience!

Note: This feature is not available to users using the platform in languages other than English. This feature is in beta.

How To Use Reflections

To get started, open your Daily Coaching and look for Reflections below the tip. The personalized prompt is meant as a possible jumping-off point to spark introspection and reflection about how this coaching tip might apply to your everyday experience.

Your reflections are completely private, so don’t be afraid to be open and honest. Also, your reflections are always autosaved so you’ll never have to worry about losing progress.

Once you are happy with your reflection, simply click next or exit out of the module. From then on, all of your reflections are automatically saved and accessible in the Reflections link on your profile card on My Dashboard. Your reflections are completely private and cannot be viewed by your teammates or admins. The possibilities are endless when you open yourself up to learning and self-improvement!

You can also use Reflections from any Coaching Tip you uncover in Insight Search. Clicking the Reflections icon will pop open the Reflections experience, similar to Daily Coaching.

If you are looking at the same tip you have reflected on before, your existing Reflections will appear and you can add or edit what you already have.

From My Dashboard, you can always access your Reflections on the Profile Card. Clicking into Reflections will bring you to a new page.

Here you can review, search, and filter all your Reflections.

While the prompt and Your Reflection are always immediately visible, click “Show Tip” to reveal the tip your reflection was in response to. You can also edit or delete any reflection using the buttons on the bottom right. Click "finish" when you are done editing.

Filter through your Reflections to see All Reflections, My Reflections, or Teammate Reflections. Use the search bar to find a specific Reflection. You can sort Reflections by newest or oldest.

Getting the Most Out of Reflections

By reflecting on and responding to the prompt, Reflections allows you to gain a better understanding of the Coaching Tip for yourself, connecting it to your life and work experiences, thoughts, and feelings.

Introspection is an important part of the journey, taking the time to reflect will help you turn Cloverleaf coaching into real-world progress. You can even refer back to your reflections later to see how you've grown over time.

We hope Reflections helps you unleash yourself to do your best work with your team!

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