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Adding a Team on the Admin Dashboard
Adding a Team on the Admin Dashboard

As an Organization ADMIN, you can create and manage teams from your ADMIN Dashboard. This article will show you how to create a new team.

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Creating a Team is the best way to visualize the cross-mapping of your team member's personality, skills, strengths, and culture.  Each Team gets its own visualization dashboard. Here is how to get started:

  1. Sign In to your account and go to your ADMIN Dashboard.

  2. First, select the group you would like the new team to be in. You can create a team in the parent group (just the general org) or within a group.

  3. Once you are in the group or team you would like, click the green button in the middle of your screen that says "Add Team."

  4.   Next you can choose your team name and set the proper settings for your team
         such as who can see this team, whether or not you want to include yourself
         on it, and if you want daily coaching to be set to default.

  5.   Once you have set the name and settings you can click save and start adding people from your organization to your team. You can choose to add members and/or team admins.

  6.   Anyone already in your organization can be added from the drop-down automatically. New users can be invited by entering their email address. Be sure to hit enter after each entry or click on their email from the drop down.

  7.  Click "SEND" or use the team link to send invitations to your teammates. You should be able to see your team on your team dashboard and click into it from the ADMIN dashboard if you are an org admin. You will always be able to edit members and settings after you have created a team.

You can also add members or admins to a team by going to a user in your org and clicking the drop-down arrow beside their name. From here you can use the "Add to" and "Make Admin of" drop downs to easily add a user to one or multiple teams.

Learn how to create a team from your TEAM Dashboard here.

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