If you make a new hire or are expanding your user base on Cloverleaf you can easily invite people to join your Organization on Cloverleaf. Once they accept the invitation they will appear in your list of people on your ADMIN dashboard. Here is how to invite them:

1. Sign In to your account and go to your ADMIN Dashboard.

2. Select the  "INVITE USERS TO ORGANIZATION" button in the lower right side of your page. This will show at the bottom of your people list so if you have a larger group you may need to scroll to get to it.

3. Type in the email address of those you would like to invite and, once your list is complete, select the green "INVITE" button. To invite more than one person at a time you can hit enter after each email to then invite a list of people at once.

4. They will then receive an email (see example below) inviting them to join your organization on Cloverleaf. If they have yet to create an account they will be prompted to do so. 

5. Once they accept this invitation they will be added to your list of people on your ADMIN Dashboard where you can then add them to teams as you like.

You can also view and manage any pending invites in your Organization settings on your ADMIN Dashboard.

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