If you make a new hire or are expanding your user base on Cloverleaf, you can easily invite people to join your Organization on Cloverleaf. Here is how to invite them:

1. Sign In to your account and go to your ADMIN Dashboard.

2. Choose the group or team where the new member belongs. Select the "Add Person" green button in the middle of your page. 

3. Type in the email address of those you would like to invite and, once your list is complete, select the green "INVITE" button. To invite more than one person at a time you can hit enter after each email to then invite a list of people at once.

4. They will then receive an email (see example below) inviting them to join your organization on Cloverleaf. If they have yet to create an account they will be prompted to do so. 

5. While they are pending, their name will appear in grey writing. Once they confirm, their name will change to black. Click on the person's name whose invitation status you want to change.

The date and time that the last invitation was sent will appear in the box. You can revoke an invitation by clicking the name and pressing the "Revoke Invitation" button, or you can resend an invitation by clicking "Resend Invite Email".

You can also resend all organization invites at the click of a button! Simply go to your Organization Settings and select Organization Invites to resend invitation to all pending users. 

You can also do this for any Groups you have under your Organization by selecting the group in the left hand navigation and then clicking edit. You'll see all the setting options for that group and at the bottom of the page will be the same "resend invite emails" button.

Learn how to bulk-invite users by a CSV upload here.

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