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Sending Invites to Grow Your Team
Sending Invites to Grow Your Team

As a Team Admin, you can invite additional members to your team at any point from the Team Dashboard. This article shows you how!

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Cloverleaf makes it super easy for Team Admins to invite new members to teams so you and your teammates can start working better together!

Once you have created your team there are two ways others can join that team and be displayed on the dashboard.

  1. Adding members via invite

  2. Adding members via team link


To get to these Team Invite options you can follow these steps

  1. Sign in to your account and click "TEAM" at the top of the page.

  2. You will be taken to your TEAM Dashboard, where you can navigate to the team you wish to add members to. You'll have to be an admin to add a member to the team.

  3. Click "Add Members" at the top left of the page.

  4. This will open up the window for invite options.

From here you can choose to use the invite link or enter emails to send invites.

Using the Team Invite Link

Simply click 'copy link' to copy the invite link for your team. Anyone that has the link will be able to create an account and automatically join that team.

Some notable details:

  • Team invite links can be disabled, no longer allowing anyone with that link to join.

  • After a link is disabled, a brand-new one can be created

  • Team Links will also be accessible by Organization Admins in the ADMIN Dashboard when adding/inviting new members to a specific team.

  • If an organization is using whitelisted email domains, anyone creating a new account using a team invite link will need to sign up using that whitelisted email domain.

Inviting new members by email

Follow the following steps to send specific invites via email.

  1. Start typing emails into the "add members" field. Hit enter or select "invite x email" after each email to include in the invite. You can also add people by using the drop-down list of existing members. Once you've added all the emails of the members you wish to invite, click "SEND."

  2. An email invite will be sent to members which includes a "JOIN TEAM" button. Recipients will need to click this button to be taken to the login screen.

  3. Once on the login screen recipients will either need to login to their existing account or click "create new account" to be added to the team.

  4. Once everyone has accepted you will see all the team members on your TEAM Dashboard. Note: Teammates will not appear on the team dashboard until they have taken an assessment.

Below is an example of what the email invite looks like:

You can also your team members by clicking settings and navigating to the members tab.

Clicking + Members will open the same view to invite new teammates to your team.

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