By integrating your calendar with your cloverleaf profile, you will be able to see insights based on calendar events. This is how you integrate: 

  1.  Sign In to your profile and click on your ME Dashboard at the top of the page. 

2. You should see a CALENDAR box on the top left of your screen.

3. Click on "Sign in with Google" this will then take you to a screen that asks you to allow Cloverleaf access to your Google account. Once allowed you will start to see your calendar events displayed on your dashboard.

The calendar box is FULL of useful features. Hover over any part of the box to get a quick high level snippet of what it means. You can snooze people, events, and even future events if it is a recurring meeting. Invite people to create a profile directly from the the calendar box by clicking anyone shown in green. You can even view someones full profile if you are in a shared team or organization with them.

4. Along with this new feature on the dashboard you will begin receiving calendar digest emails giving you a high level view of who you are meeting with for the day or week ahead. Want to learn how to manage your email digest settings? Click Here. Here is a little taste of the email digest:

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