Configure the calendar feature in a way that is best for you!. Below are steps to help with settings and customization. 

  1. Under the CONNECTION SETTINGS tab, you are able connect multiple calendars to your account as well as delete any you would like to no longer have connected.
  2. Under the SHARING SETTINGS tab, to change who has access to insights about you select click on the circle next to "PUBLIC" or "INTERNAL." 
  3. Under the EMAIL SETTINGS tab, you can choose where your digest emails send in the "SEND DIGEST TO" drop down (You must connect multiple email addresses to your Cloverleaf account for this to work, Here is how). You can also change the FREQUENCY of digest emails and which days of your calendar are included (i.e. if you don't want events on the weekends to be included in your digest you can turn those days off). 
  4. Under the MANAGE SNOOZES tab, you can see any events or individuals you have 'snoozed,' Clicking on the SNOOZE ICON will un-snooze that event or individual. Snoozed events and individuals will not show up on your Dashboard Calendar view and won't be included in the email digest.

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