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Integrate your Calendar to Receive Insights on Upcoming Meetings
Integrate your Calendar to Receive Insights on Upcoming Meetings

It is super simple to connect your calendar to your Cloverleaf account, AND this makes your profile so much more valuable. Trust us.

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Cloverleaf's Calendar Integration allows you to receive quick insights about the people you have meetings with, preparing you for the day and how to best work with everyone! Receive both Calendar Digest emails and access your Calendar Insights on My Dashboard.

​Here is how to get your Calendar Integration set up:

1. Sign in to your profile and click on My Dashboard in the sidebar navigation.

2. Scroll down to the calendar module on My Dashboard right below Insight Search.

3. When you click on "Connect with Google" for example. this will then take you to a screen that asks you to allow Cloverleaf access to your Google account. Once allowed you will start to see your calendar events displayed on your dashboard. This is a similar experience for Microsoft!


See your Calendar Insights on My Dashboard after you have connected your account. Snooze people, events, and recurring meetings. Access and manage your settings for Calendar Digest and Insights. Learn how to manage your calendar settings in this guide! Invite people to create a profile directly from the calendar box by clicking anyone shown in green. You can even view someone's full profile if you are in a shared team or organization with them.


You can connect multiple calendars to Cloverleaf! This guide will walk you through how to do so! You will receive tips on not only your teammates but people outside of your organization for Calendar Insights if you (and the people you meet with) have your privacy set to "Everyone".

You're all set to start receiving insights for your meetings!

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