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Personalizing Your Calendar Settings
Personalizing Your Calendar Settings

The calendar feature is customizable. You can choose where tips are shown, how often you receive emails, and who you want tips for.

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Don't want to receive emails every day? Don't need insights for a recurring meeting? Need to add a new calendar? Change your calendar settings from My Dashboard or Account Settings.

Configure Calendar Insights in a way that is best for you! Below are steps to help with settings and customization.Β 

Click on the settings button from the Calendar Insights box on your My Dashboard. This will bring you to your Integrations tab in Account Settings, you can also navigate straight to this page from your Account Settings (top right corner click your avatar).

You will be taken to the Integrations tab of My Account.

Click the "..." menu next to the calendar you currently have connected. From here, you can edit settings, manage snoozed events and people, or disconnect your calendar.

Selecting Edit Settings will open a view where you can change the email your digest emails are delivered to and adjust the frequency of your Calendar Digest emails, as well as select which days of the week you want events from. Just click save when you are done!

Selecting Manage Snoozed Events and People will open a page that shows you any people you currently have snoozed. Snoozing means that this person or event doesn't appear on your calendar digest.

Enjoy your calendar insights! πŸ˜„πŸ“†

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