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How To Use Your Client Navigator
How To Use Your Client Navigator

Cloverleaf's Client Navigator allows you to provide more personalized service to your clients without them taking assessments.

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The Client Navigator provides a customized approach to improve relationships and drive sales.

Client Navigator asks you 8 simple questions about your interactions with a client, then generates practical insight into how to effectively communicate with this client based on how they likely make decisions. This one minute investment after a client engagement enables you to build rapport and trust, developing long lasting customer relationships. 

Here is how it works:

Here is what you'll receive:

  • DISC results visualized

  • Relationship Mapping (View Right)

  • Meeting Prep: There are so many different types of meetings which all need separate approaches. Meeting prep guides how to run each meeting personalized for each client.

  • Continued Insights: you can view the insights in Client Navigator or in your Calendar. That's why we ask for your client's email. Don't worry, we won't send them any emails. Every time you meet with the Client, you'll see more insights on your calendar. You can learn more about the Calendar Integration here.

  • If you have gotten to know the client better over time, you might want to retake Client Navigator. Click on the existing results for that client in Client Navigator, scroll down to the bottom, and click "Retake Client Navigator".

Client Navigator is not available on all plans. Contact your account manager about adding it to your company's plan, or find it for individual purchase here

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