How To Use Your Resource Feed
The Resource Feed on your ME Dashboard houses articles hand-picked just for you based on your results. Check 'em out!
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We're used to endless scrolling through news feeds on various apps and websites, but sometimes the content just isn't very relevant. As an introvert, an article explaining how to use my extroversion to network wouldn't be very useful. However, I happen to have some inside knowledge I'd like to share with all of you:Β 

Your Resource Feed with Cloverleaf is curated just for you based on your assessment results. No more scrolling through irrelevant articles -- you have a hefty list of articles to read that can help you become a better creator, leader, teammate, and person. From "How to Manage your Perfectionism" to "How 30 Days of Kindness Made Me A Better Person" there's a wide range of personal and professional topics that can help you to learn and grow.Β 

Head to your ME Dashboard and scroll through all of the articles in your Resource Feed. They'll link to external sites where you can learn more about each topic.Β 

Best of luck, and happy reading! πŸ“–πŸ˜„

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