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Create a custom notification screen as an Admin for your team.

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Whether you're onboarding someone new or want to create a fun and relevant notification screen for your people to come to, you can customize this screen to include links and information specific to your team.

Start on your ADMIN Dashboard. Click open "Organization Settings", then "Notification Page", and you will see this "Notification Screen Setup" page.

Here, you will be able to customize your team's notification screen. You can add a heading (95 characters), sub heading (260 characters and expandable), URL link and title (30 characters), an image, and an image label.

Uploading and Editing the Image

When uploading an image, click "Update Icon Logo". You can drag and drop a file, or click to browse your desktop. Once your image is in the box, drag the slider to change the size and move the image inside the circle as desired. When done, click upload image.

Previewing the Notification Screen

You can preview your notification screen by clicking the link at the bottom that says "Preview Notifications Screen". This way, you can check if it looks how you want it to before saving. Click the "X" in the top right corner to go back to the settings.

Finishing Edits

When you're done editing, click "Submit". If instead you want to delete it and restart, click "Delete". If you clicked it by accident, don't worry, it will ask you if you're sure you want to delete it!

Viewing your Notification Screen

To view your new notification screen, click the green bell (right next to your avatar) in the top right corner of any of your dashboards. You will also be brought here when you log into your Cloverleaf account if there is a pending task. If you ever want to update or change your notification screen, just go back to the "Notification Screen Set-Up" page!

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