What is Instinctive Drives?

Learn what the Instinctive Drives Questionnaire is and the benefits of using it in your organization.

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The I.D. Questionnaire reveals a person’s natural and best way of doing things. An individual’s I.D. Result is their personal success code. It directs them to insights and practical strategies to help them achieve greater and more consistent levels of success and fulfillment, and to minimize their levels of stress and frustration.

When a person gets their 4-digit I.D. result, they get an overview of their whole I.D., drive-by-drive insights, coaching tips, plus the opportunity to find out more about:

  • The innate motivations that drive their actions and behaviors

  • What they need to be at their best in any role, relationship or situation

  • The natural talents they can proactively align to roles and activities

  • Their natural vulnerabilities and how they can best manage these

  • Insights and strategies for living more of life at their peak performance

Everyone has a natural and best way of doing things.

What you need to find success and fulfillment is often very different than what others need to achieve the same. When able to do things in a way that works for you - and your roles, environment and relationships support you to do this - you get to experience life at peak performance. You feel motivated and energized, get more of the results you want, and enjoy your experiences and relationships along the way.

Conversely, when required to do things in a way that doesn’t align with your innate needs, you experience stress and frustration. You feel as if you’re ‘going against the grain’. If continually required to operate ‘out of stride’, you’ll start to experience much more significant impacts on your emotional and physical health and well-being.

However, if you know what you need to be at your best, you can seek to get your needs met across all your roles, activities and relationships. And, when things pull you off-track - as they inevitably will from time to time - you’ll be able to take targeted action to get back in stride!

Three Steps to Peak Performance

Overview of the Instinctive Drives®

Driven to get it right. Talent to solve complex problems. Needs clarity of purpose, and feedback.

Driven to make things real. Talent for clarity. Needs open, direct communication and to see tangible results

Driven to progress the plan. Talent to coordinatete. Needs time to focus and to keep things running smoothly.

Driven to make it possible. Talent to simplify. Needs to move with urgency and keep interactions positive.

Driven to be accepting. Talent for collaboration. Needs to keep things concise and future-focused.

Driven to make things ideal. Talent for relationships. Needs to be given the benefit of the doubt and to maximize leverage.

Driven to keep things flexible. Talent to innovate. Needs freedom and autonomy, and to achieve quick wins.

Driven to make it certain. Talent for identifying risks. Needs substance and logic, and to eliminate pressure.

***Learn more about each category here.

Understanding an I.D. Result

The digits of an I.D. Result correspond to the 4 Instinctive Drives, e.g., I.D. 6537

  • The combination and intensity of drives and 5’s interact to make the whole I.D.

  • All I.D. results are of equal value and they describe motivation not behavior.

  • Behavior may change over time, but drives are innate and so fixed over time.

  • Each of the 8 directions has its own set of needs, talents and vulnerabilities.

  • A 5 in a result means, at different times, behavior can reflect either direction.

The Benefits of Using the I.D. System in your Organization.

I.D. helps individuals to:

  • Achieve goals faster and with less stress and frustration

  • Improve personal and professional relationships

  • Enhance professional brand and career performance

  • Boost energy, motivation, confidence, health and well-being

  • Find greater and more consistent levels of success and fulfillment

I.D. helps leaders and teams to:

  • Understand what each person needs to be - and contribute - at their best

  • Build trust, and collaborate and innovate to achieve better results faster

  • Reduce tensions, misunderstandings and communication breakdowns

  • Have the honest but constructive conversations that fast-track success

  • Make the most of a diversity of talents and minimize team vulnerabilities

I.D. helps organizations to:

  • Support individuals and teams to be at their best and most motivated

  • Develop authentic leaders, and help them to build and attract talent

  • Build the trust critical to honest conversations - especially the tough ones!

  • Harness the strengths and manage the vulnerabilities of its I.D. Culture

  • Get better results faster, and be agile and ready for the next challenge

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