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How to Use Instinctive Drives Results For Greater Success
How to Use Instinctive Drives Results For Greater Success

Learn seven ways to use the Instinctive Drive (ID) assessment to strengthen

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We all have a natural way of doing things that works best for us. When able to do things ‘our way,’ we achieve better results, reach our goals faster, and minimize our stress and frustration. As a result, we find our relationships more rewarding, productive, and fun - and we get to experience greater and more consistent levels of energy, motivation, confidence, and health and well-being.

The Instinctive Drives® (I.D.) assessment uncovers your natural and best way of doing things, providing insights into the deeper-level needs, drives, and motivations that influence your behaviors.

By giving you targeted, practical strategies, your I.D. result will also provide you with a personal success code that will help you get more of the results you want - personally and professionally.


Discover what you NEED to be at your best.

Your I.D. result will give you a snapshot of you at your best. You will discover the innate needs key to your success and fulfillment and the natural talents that come with being driven in the way your I.D. result reveals.

You will get further insights into your needs and talents when you review your result across the 4 Instinctive Drives - the individual components of your I.D. result. Just a reminder - high and low numbers have equal value!

Uncover what’s behind any stress or frustration!

Your I.D. result reveals the ‘why’ behind the stress and frustration you experience when your needs go unmet. This can happen when others - often with good intentions - place expectations on you as to how you should do things.

Your roles, responsibilities, and environment will also affect the extent to which you feel able to do things in a way that works for you. Over time, this ‘going against the grain’ can have a more significant impact on your relationships and your emotional and physical health.

Identify your ‘Early Warning Signs’ - and take action!

When clear on how you are driven, you can learn to detect the signals that you are being pulled off track and away from your natural best. As a result, you can get into action sooner, using targeted strategies to get your needs met once more.

Explore your Work Style Tips and Motivation Tips to discover more insights into what you need to be at your best AND to find practical strategies for getting more of what you need, more of the time. These tips will also help you to communicate to others exactly what you need to be at your best.

Make the most of your natural talents.

Your I.D. Result and Coaching Tips will also give you more insights into your natural talents, Often, you won’t see these things as talents, as they require such little effort on your part, but they are frequently the very things for which others will seek you out, admire, and even envy you!

Getting clear on these natural talents will enable you to articulate them to others, helping you to find and get involved in roles, projects, and opportunities where you can make a significant contribution – and thrive!

Build great relationships.

  • Awareness

    • Just knowing that others may have different Instinctive Drives® than you can help you to build better and more fun, productive, and rewarding relationships.

  • Understanding

    • Whether at work, with the family, or in community settings, understanding what others need to be at their best can help you engage and motivate them, minimize misunderstandings, and support the honest and constructive conversations needed when issues arise and next steps need to be discussed and addressed.

  • Appreciation

    • When you understand what people need to be at their best, you will have a greater insight into their natural talents. This knowledge will enable you to make the most of people’s talents and give them opportunities to shine. In addition, you will also develop a deeper level appreciation of the things that, while a struggle for you, seem effortless for other people - and vice versa!

  • Check out the following to find insights and strategies to connect, communicate, and collaborate with others effectively and to set your interactions up for success:

    • The I.D. Relationships Feature - compare your Collaboration Tips with others.

    • The Communication Style Tips - ensure your messaging lands positively.

    • The Conflict Tips - manage the things most likely to challenge your relationships.

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Manage what could get in the way of your success and fulfillment!

The very same Instinctive Drives® that manifest your natural talents can also show up as natural vulnerabilities. You may be aware of - or have had feedback around - some of these things. Others may be total blind-spots. The great news is, that when you have clarity about the things that could potentially trip you up, you can use targeted strategies to manage them. This way, you can greatly reduce the chances that they will get in the way of your goals, relationships and well-being.

Take a look at your Development Tips to get insight and practical strategies that will help you manage your natural vulnerabilities and their potential impact.

Fast-track your career and leadership.

When you discover what drives you, you will be in a great position to look for roles, projects, and promotions that align with what you need to be at your best. You will also be better able to promote your talents and seek out ways to learn and grow that work best for you and so get you where you want to be sooner.

If you are looking to fast-track your leadership performance, Instinctive Drives® will load you up with insights critical to your success, the talents that will shape your authentic leadership style, and the vulnerabilities you will need to watch for as you set out to motivate and inspire others to achieve great things.

…and to exponentially increase your ability to engage others, why not discover the Instinctive Drives® of your team?

Using the Cloverleaf Team dashboard and features will put you in a great position to support each team member to be at their best, leverage the team’s diversity of talents, and empower the team as a whole to collaborate efficiently and effectively to achieve better results faster and with less stress and frustration along the way.

Cloverleaf has a lot to offer, so check out our blog or other articles about the TEAM Dashboard.

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