How to Take CliftonStrengths®

Learn how to take the CliftonStrengths® Assessment on Cloverleaf.

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So now that you know all about CliftonStrengths®, you might want to take it and learn about your top strengths!

Navigate to My Assessments and scroll to the CliftonStrengths® assessment module.

The CliftonStrengths® assessment must be taken on Gallup®'s website and is paid. So, you will have one of the following experiences when you get to your CliftonStrengths® assessment box.

Taking CliftonStrengths® for the first time:

1. Click "Take Assessment" on the CliftonStrengths® module.

Once you click "Take Assessment", this message will appear.

If you already have a code that has been shared with you by your team, you can click "enter your code here". You will be taken to Gallup®'s site, where you can enter your access code.

If your organization has purchased codes on your behalf, you will see the code auto-populated in the module for you to copy and paste on Gallup®. If you are unsure if you should have an access code, connect with your admin before purchasing one!

If you DO NOT Have Access to a Code

If you do not have access to a code, you will see this same message, except you will click "continue" to be taken to Gallup®'s site to purchase one.

Once you click "Take Assessment", you will be taken to here, where you can purchase the assessment.

After you have taken the assessment on Gallup®, they will show you your results. You can come back to My Assessments to add your scores to your Cloverleaf profile.

  1. Navigate back to Cloverleaf and click "I know my strengths".

  2. A drop-down view will appear where you can enter your top 5 in order as your results showed you on Gallup®.

  3. Click save

  4. Your results will populate on Cloverleaf, and you are all set!

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